First Photo Safari of 2021

Toni and I set out this Sunday just past to wander around the neighborhoods a bit and maybe get some choice shots. Starting out from home, we dropped by the Post Office in Kemper Lane and then went around the corner to the Parkside Cafe for breakfast. Once done with that, I turned the nose of the car toward Avondale, where we stopped in a a couple of the little lanes that run off of Washington Avenue, stopped first on Camden Ave.

… and then Norway — the next block north. And we wandered around Springhouse Lane and Wess Park Avenue, then into St. Bernard a bit. Next, we went into Rose Hill via Red Bud and around all the streets there. Then Dickson and across Wedgewood. If you just stick to the main streets thereabouts, you miss a lot of little pockets of pleasant hollows and ravines, such as the end of Wedgewood.

From the borderlands between Avondale and St. Bernard, we rolled across the Millcreek valley and into Winton Place, where our wanderings took is into Spring Grove Cemetery, where the mist created by rain on the snow lay a bit heavier than elsewhere, though I wasn’t able to get many good shots of it. You’d think it would be downright dramatic, but it’s hard to shoot good mist. I know. I’ve done it before.

On setting out, we’d agree that part of our itinerary would include a revisit to Camp Washington. So I headed down Spring Grove Avenue and turned off at Arlington Street, by the Crosley building and we tootled around there and down to the end of Jessamine Street, behind the old Art Guild Bindery.

We encountered a pretty girl chasing an errant beagle puppy. Toni shot a door. I should a couple of brick walls. We headed over into Fairmount across the Viaduct.

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