A Barny Day

After the COVID shot, we did a limited-edition photo safari in northwestern Hamilton County, mostly just tooling up East Miami River Road as far as Fairfield. It was a barny day.

Almost immediately after turning north off Harrison Avenue to EMRR, I was impelled to pull over into the end of a driveway for Toni to shoot this barn out her side window. I shot blind through the windshield, hoping against hope for better results than I got, but here y’ go.

Not too much farther up the road, we came across a second red barn higher up the slope to the east. It prompted Toni to say, “I like this road.”

Turned into a side road to let a big SUV pass. Wouldn’t you know, they turned into the same road? But I was not to be deterred. Working on this shot in Photoshop, I was moved to ask myself, “Were all the Bicentennial barns painted in 2003?” I do not know and might not ever look it up.

We did cross the Miami once, into New Baltimore. I was minded to head out to Fernald, but ended up making a loop around Fort Scott. In New Baltimore proper, I saw a barn that looked interesting, but proved to be blocked by trees. Then, turning to go back to New Haven Road, we spotted this. Toni shot a sign that attracted her. I got this shot, which appealed to me in the whole. I may play with this in some filters later.

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