Human Wave Publishing

Tired of gray goo? Post-apocalyptic dystopias? Anti-heroes? Social justice whingeing? Being lectured to about others’ perceived shortcomings? Hectored on topics your great-grandparents opposed, but blamed for their manifest original sin? Wishing for the good old days when science fiction and fantasy were about worlds of wonder, muscular heroes saving impossibly beautiful heroines from unspeakable torment? Needing to be optimistic about the future of humanity? Really believe that your own species is the best of all possible species? Tired of all the nihilism and self-hatred of the death cults?

The Human Wave is for you. Return with us now to the glories of yesteryear, before the joyless scolds took all the pleasure out of the literature of ideas. Recover the excitement and joy in adventure of your youth — your forefathers’ youth.